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Operation Special Delivery prides itself on matching qualified, professional labor doulas with military families who are expecting a new baby. Becoming an OSD doula is an opportunity to serve the families who serve our country every day, while maintaining the integrity of your own business.

OSD would be proud to have you in their ranks! Before you enlist, here is what you need to know:

What are the Operation Special Deliver doula requirements?

  • Take an in-person Labor Doula Training in the last 5 years; OR hold current Labor Doula Certification
  • Maintain current CPR Certification
  • Have a legal business structure in the United States in place and submit the IRS form W-9
  • Must be able to accept payment from OSD via a business PayPal account that matches the business information on your W-9
  • Work with a backup or an on-call doula partner who is also an Operation Special Delivery member
  • Maintain yearly Operation Special Delivery membership ($50 yearly)
  • Sign the Operation Special Delivery subcontractor agreement.

What does the Operation Special Delivery Subcontractor Agreement include?

  • Maintain a professional level of respect with the medical staff, addressing all military with their professional titles, or as “Ms.”, “Dr.”, or “Sir” or “Ma’am”
  • Provide the client with one (1) hour prenatal visit prior to the birth.
  • Report to the laboring mother within two (2) hours of the mother’s request.
  • While assisting the client the doula will identify themselves as an Operation Special Delivery Labor Doula
  • The doula will provide physical, educational and emotional support during the labor, birth and early postpartum hour.
  • The doula will abstain from providing any care deemed medical.
  • The doula will remain with the mother for one (1) hour post birth.
  • The doula will submit a birth summary form to OSD post-birth in order to receive payment of services rendered.
  • The doula will provide a one hour postpartum follow up visit with the assigned client within ten (10) days of the birth of the baby.

What does does my Operation Special Delivery Membership fee cover?

  • Marketing materials
  • Mailings/Postage
  • Fundraising Efforts
  • Grant-Writing Services
  • Office supplies
  • CRM Software/Program
  • Printing
  • Administrative Costs

What is the process of accepting an Operation Special Delivery client?

  • A member will be contacted by OSD when a family local to them reserves a doula.
  • The doula will advise the OSD representative of who their back-up doula will be. (Back-up Doula must be an OSD member. If a back up can not be acquired, OSD will do their best to facilitate a back-up match.)
  • The doula and back up doula will both sign a client acceptance agreement.
  • The doula and back-up doula will schedule and attend a one hour prenatal visit with the client.
  • The doula and back-up doula may work with primary and secondary roles or share a call schedule.
  • That decision must be conveyed to the client during the prenatal visit.
  • The doulas will be on-call for the client upon OSD’s receipt of the doula acceptance agreement.

What is the process for payment of services rendered to an Operation Special Delivery client?

  • The flat rate of $500 paid by the client will be paid to the primary doula who will make all financial arrangements with the backup doula.
  • The doula who attends the birth will also attend the postpartum follow-up visit with the client.
  • The doula who attends the birth will fill out the birth summary form and submit it with an invoice to OSD (provided by OSD).
  • Once the birth summary form and the invoice are received, OSD payment to doulas will be processed and paid.
  • The backup doula will be required to submit the backup doula payment form and invoice.
  • Once the backup doula payment form and invoice are received OSD payment to the backup doula will be processed and paid.
  • All labor support services hired through OSD have a client payment requirement. If a doula chooses to not accept payment, client fees will remain with Operation Special Delivery. For example, a doula who chooses to waive payment does not relieve the family of paying for services.
If you would like additional information on becoming a member please contact Operation Special Delivery Membership at or schedule a call with Membership: OSD Doula Interest


If you are interested in becoming an OSD doula, please fill out this form. Upon membership approval, you will be sent a new member welcome packet with your subcontractor agreement.


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