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1.  Do I need to be a Certified Labor Doula to serve as an OSD doula?

No. Certification is not required but you must have proof of attendance at an approved labor doula training course to present to the family if requested.

2.  How many states does OSD cover?  Does it serve military installations and families worldwide?

Yes.  We cover all 50 states and serve all U.S. military families all over the world where ever volunteer doulas are available.

3.  I volunteered my doula services for another organization like OSD.  Can I volunteer for OSD as well?

Yes.  We want to make doulas available to all military families who need them.  Please visit the Volunteer page for more information about becoming an OSD doula.

4.  What is the turnaround time from when a client applies for services and when she gets matched up with an OSD doula?

We strive for a turnaround time of no more than a week following the receipt of your online request. 

5.  I'm a military mom, and I met a doula who is an OSD volunteer.  Can I request her as my OSD doula?

Every effort is made to match you with the doula of your choice, dependant on their schedule.

6.  Does anyone make any money off of this?  Do you get paid to run this program?

No.  OSD is an all volunteer organization. None of our directors, coordinators or volunteers are paid for their professional service. 








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