Your ‘Battle Buddy’ for Birth

Future parents holding hands and a pair of little shoes over white background A ‘Battle Buddy’ is the person you are assigned when you join the military who is your strongest supporter. Your confidant. The person who provides unconditional care through shared experience and complete understanding. The connection is unparalleled because it is based upon trust, empathy and commitment.

With your Battle Buddy by your side you feel stronger, more empowered and fully accepted. The relationship comes without bias or judgment.

Operation Special Delivery doulas are your Battle Buddy. While birth is by no means a battle, the relationship with your Battle Buddy creates an amazing space for birth.

Birthing women thrive when they feel strong, empowered and accepted. OSD is excited at the opportunity to match you with your Battle Buddy!

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Adorable sleepy newborn baby with a toy bunny yawning in bedOSD started as a network of volunteers providing doula services to the partners of deployed military personnel. Today it has expanded into a national organization whose goal is to provide professional and sustainable doula services to military personnel, past and present. While the heart of the program has stayed the same, it had become increasingly evident that accountability and better systems were needed to allow the program to thrive. Operation Special Delivery has undergone a complete overhaul for your benefit. You can confidently engage with OSD for labor support, knowing that professionalism, respect, committment and accountability await your every need.

Our Mission:Beautiful Pregnant woman sitting on couch using tablet

Operation Special Delivery is committed to offering discounted labor support services and increasing access to quality labor doula care to all qualifying military service members and their families.  Through collaboration with trained and professional labor doulas from around the world and across a variety of certification organization, OSD is committed to providing the highest standard of professional doula care to our service men and women.


Operation Special Delivery appreciates donations in any amount to help fund our services which supports our service members.